For the last 3 years now UNIFREIGHT has been running Car Freight Station operations in Mombasa in order to provide car-handling services and are currently ranked No.2 in the regional CFS market.

Why Choose the UNIFREIGHT Car Freight Station?

1. Free Storage: Up to 30 days free storage. However, Customs does charge Warehouse Rent after 21 days (KRA Tariffs Apply).

2. Flexibility: Our charges for the time following the 30 days are completely negotiable. We work extra hours and will only close when our client’s needs have been completely satisfied.

3. Immediacy: All units are transferred into storage on the same day they are offloaded.

4. Security: 24/7 surveillance at port as we await clearance from Port Authorities.

5. Clearance and Inspection: We manage this process, and then deliver the Inspection and Tally documents to the agent at the time of release. These documents can also be emailed to you upon request.

6. Real-time Updates: We keep you up-to- date of your vehicle’s status from arrival to release.

7. Credibility: Proven industry knowledge, having been in the industry for 20 years.

The UNIFREIGHT Nomination Process

1. Nominate UNIFREIGHT CFS on your Bill of Lading.

2. Send e-mail with your contact details and a copy of the Bill of Lading to our UNIFREIGHT CFS Kampala Office.

3. On receipt of the Bill of Lading, we will advise you on the necessary compliance documents obtainable from the shipper.

4. We will then proceed to inspect and clear your vehicle from Mombasa in
preparation for transportation to a bond of your choice in Kampala.

5. We offer the most competitive of rates.

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