Business Leaders are now looking into sustainability strategies that will allow them to save money, cut carbon emissions, lower resource consumption and build more green initiatives in their programs.

Unifreight Group of Companies is one of the largest indigenous logistics firms in Uganda. Unifreight has positioned itself as a firm that operates with Eco Logistics principles at its core so as to offset the environmental impact of their businesses.

Unifreight is aware that standard modes of transportation in their operations consume fossil fuels, generate noise and emit toxic compounds.
One way to take responsibility for these unavoidable emissions is to offset them by engaging in environmentally sustainable initiatives that reduce their contribution to the greenhouse gases (GHGs).
Unifreight Group of companies together with The Golf Safari Company will organise multifaceted activities to promote environmental protection.

Green Logistics - Tree Planting Project
Green Logistics - Tree Planting Project

School Tree Planting Event

Trees make life possible. Trees play a key role in our battle against climate change, feed our rivers, help to regulate the impact of storms and floods, harbour biologically-diverse ecosystems, and provide shelter, jobs and security for forest-dependent populations. Within our city and towns, urban forests purify the air and ground water, regulate temperatures, provide shade, and encourage pride of place.

This will be a one day event with a selected school in Kampala region. The program involves school children because this is a learning opportunity to get kids involved in the environment and conservation of our natural resources. The site to plant trees and type of trees will be agreed upon with the local urban Authority and National Forest Authority.